Sloppy Dreams

Does your work show up in your sleep?

Last night I dreamed I was baking cookies and making pancakes, but it was a MESS!

The cookies were the size of my hands, swelling up and overflowing the baking pans, dripping all over the oven, sticky and out of control. I threw them out.

The pancakes were the same way. Somehow I’d put too many in one skillet and each was the size of a laptop. They all touched and fused together into an inedible disaster. It was all panic and slop.

Then I woke up and faced my NaNoWriMo project, and laughed.

I’m learning the value of balancing efficient writing with higher word counts. I write lean. Normally, I have to go back and layer in all kinds of things like politics, body language beyond nods and smiles (good grief, so many nods and smiles!), food, etc.

With my latest writing growth spurt involving needing to rewrite Ferals & Blights almost completely from scratch (there’s a good reason, I swear), I’m processing all that ‘wasted’ work. Pile that stress on top of transforming my novelette into a 60k novel for NaNo, and you can see why my brain thinks we’re in trouble!

I’d love to hear your weirdest stress dreams. Have you written any dream scenes?

5 thoughts on “Sloppy Dreams

  1. I do get both work (dayjob) and writing ideas in my dreams. Often, I’ll wake up and think “that’s the best idea ever!” And then later realize I was delusional. Heh.

    Although last night… I’ve been pondering where to begin on a new short story, and I think the nucleus did come to me last night. So that’s something.

    1. Ah, yes. I’ve had the “this is a million-dollar idea” 2am epiphany, only to find out the next morning that I’m the owner of a crank call.

      Did you get another new story going yet?

      1. I’m still racking my brains to settle on an idea I like. I can’t make myself start until I feel like I at least know a direction. That’s what I’ve had to go on in the past. I did think about it, a lot, today. I even started jotting down notes of idea fragments… but I didn’t get to a starting point. :/

  2. I’ve had some writing dreams. Sometimes, I’ll have a scene pop up in my dream and I try to write a story based on what I “saw.” It doesn’t always work out. Sometimes, it’s something telling me how to write a certain scene. About 50% of the time, it’s just what I need.

    I try to recollect my dreams as best I can, but because I don’t have a dream journal, it becomes so foggy when I try to remember it hours later. I don’t have a lamp near me and I’m always afraid of waking my wife up. I guess I could go to the living room, have a journal out on the table, and write what I saw in the dream right then and there. That would probably help.

    1. Nnnggghh! I LOVE writing dreams! There is nothing better than having my brain do all the work without the rest of my brain looking anxiously over its shoulder.

      I’m thinking about getting a tarot deck for dreams. I’d use it only at night when I wake at three in the morning and can’t get back to sleep. I’d love to see what sediment I dredge up into a journal that way.

      Would she be bothered by the dimmest light on a phone screen? You might have it set to nighttime and notepad or something. Let me know what you end up doing if you do it!

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