FanNexus 2017

con·ven·tion  \ kən-ˈven(t)-shən \

The first year of a convention is a lean, bony beast. Exposed sinews and growing musculature. FanNexus was no exception, but this gave us the advantage of close connections and conversation.

I didn’t have the energy to gnaw on the knowledge-bones offered at FanNexus. Part of this was my fatigue, part the choice of panels I attended, and partly my own progress. A three-limbed table, the perfect size for sharing a cup of coffee and a book with a friend.



Ksenia Anske is a Russian-born wild woman writer of gorgeous magical realism and shuddering horror. I went to her reading. I was not disappointed. Not only does she write well, but she is self-published and successful. Now, there is some content warning in order. I know it’s horror, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what’s sneaking up on you, even if you peek through clammy fingers.



Peter J. Wacks is a regular at Miscon in Missoula. It was great to see a familiar and friendly face. He’s an inspiration for the butt-in-chair method. Get it done. Don’t sleep. Okay, I don’t advocate insomnia, but I do know for a fact that if you sit down and write, you’ll write. Logic, yes? I want to get my hands on his time travel novel. He also writes short stories, so you can find his work in numerous anthologies and compilations.



Caroline Bliss Larsen is the acquisitions editor for Jolly Fish Press, an imprint of North Star Editions. She’s also the proud wearer of pink Jigglypuff socks.  I can attest she’s funny and sharp, and their press would be a loving home for your manuscript. No agent necessary! (cute socks optional)

IMG_20171006_221024015 (1)

The best part of our time at FanNexus was the anime quiz show hosted by Su Mon Han, translator extraordinaire. She writes, translates, acts, and illustrates. She’s also sweet and inspiring and a treasure-trove of anime/manga knowledge.


That’s our son attempting to name all 150 original Pokemon without having a stroke. It was a lot of fun, and if you get a chance to hear Su Mon speak, you should go! I’m going to do a separate post on her presentation about Takarazuka and their shows.

See you Saturday with the next chapter of the blog fantasy. If you aren’t caught up – you have time! Until then, go write things! That’s like a whole day away, no excuses.


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