Story Prompts

Today I went for a walk to find the invisible thread of a story I’m trying to write. It was a gorgeous September sky, the blue you only find when it’s gentled by the golds of fall. Two crows hummed a song as they circled, and their wings sounded like swung rope.

blue sky

Since I haven’t been doing my PT, my balance has deteriorated again, so every time I turn my head, I fall over. This makes for lots of stopping, so I figured I’d take pictures. I posted a few on Twitter, but saved a few for story prompts!

If you do end up writing a story or poem from the inspiration, please link us to it!

I thought walking the deer trail would be safer than wandering the maze of pine trees, but then I saw this and realized I was literally on the path of prey.


We were up high enough to be surrounded by patches of snow. Not a print marred the surface, and it took restraint not to make a shallow angel.


There’s no filter on this. I kinda think there’s a portal inside…


Happy Writing!



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