Poetry Postcard Festival goes on…

Many of you know I participated in the 2017 Poetry Postcard Festival. I already do monthly poetry postcards for my patrons, and this seemed a natural extension of this ongoing growth project of mine. We were given a list of 31 participants and their addresses. We started three days before August 1st, and mailed a card a day. (I mailed mine in batches of 3 or 4 at a time.)

Postcard Festival
(Some of the postcards I received.)

I wrote poems taken from daily conversation. You’d be surprised at how much freakin fun this was! Here’s my favorite of what I wrote during the month:

Have you seen the ants, she asks.
Of course I haven’t,
The others take care of the kitchen.
Gratitude for their labor
Wars with my perfectionism,
But…ants. I struggle out of bed.

-Julie Reeser

When the group started posting pictures on FB, I joined in. That led to some brave, excited soul recommending we do a large project. 52 postcards in 52 weeks. Why not, I thought?

I’m going to try to stay with my original theme and gather my best ones into a chapbook. Fun, right? If you’d like to get a monthly poetry postcard from me, I’m still taking $1 patrons. (I have a signed/discount chapbook tier, too.) The 2017 theme is nature.

I haven’t decided what theme I’ll choose for 2018. Maybe you want to suggest something? If so, leave a comment!


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