But…how do you pick a lock?

You are steaming along, fingers flying and brain tossing out cool ideas like heroes on horseback and heroines swinging swords, when you realize you’ve never done either of those things. How heavy is a sword…wait, what KIND of sword? And horses…pffft. [insert despair emoji here]

(My biggest pitfall is boats. Aft your starboard and swing that boom! or something like that, right?)

So, you turn to your Google-fu and maybe, if you’re tenacious and lucky, find an expert who’s willing to answer an email. Otherwise, you cross your fingertips and hope you get it right, or hope your editor fixes it. (’cause they totally know about swords and horses and and poisons, obviously, duh.)

What if you could spend a weekend DOING some of the stuff you write about? Hands-on.

Now you can.

writers in the field

A two-day festival to answer all your questions with real critters and clever crackerjacks!

A quick list of a few of the offerings: archery (including Japanese archery), herbs, firearms, dancing, longsword, textiles, military life, lockpicking, armor, tack, how to fight, musical intruments, and more!

If you can’t go, but you believe this is a festival that should grow and continue, you can buy a gift ticket for a local writer. ‘Cause we’re all in this together, and better writers make better worlds. 💕


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