Fill ‘er Up – Want to do an interview?

Happy Hump-Day Earthdwellers!

I know, it’s not happy much. Maybe it is happy where you are, but you don’t want to crow about it loudly because you know it’s not so happy in other spots. I hear you. So, instead you are using your inside voices. The ones you use when you wear uncomfortable clothing. The voice that makes your lips dry. The one where you have to be careful how you sit and watch your posture. Yeah, let’s take a break from that for a minute.

I’ve got some space here. It’s largely empty four days out of the week. What a waste, eh?

How about you let me know about that book you wrote. Or the short story that’s been published or is on sale right now. Maybe you do cover art? Or hum a good tune? Let’s do an interview! Let’s chat about YOU and what makes you make things.

Hit me up. I love doing interviews, and if you love talking about your creative process, you and I are gonna be PERFECT for each other. Leave a comment with your the-sun-is-shining-I’m-happy voice or chirp at me on Twitter.


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