Famous Starts with Humble Endings

It’s time. It’s Monday, the kids are going back to school, and the world is alternating between fire and flood. Let’s do something fun.

This weekend, a poetry organization suggested we memorize poems as a way to cope. Like Borges or Alice. The only stanzas I can remember are ones that begin, ““Would you like to buy a dog with a tail at either end?”

Yep, Shel Silverstein! To play, read the following starting poetry line and then write the next few lines, guessing how you think it might go. I actually had trouble finding ones I didn’t know by heart all these years later. How sweet is that?

If I had a brontosaurus


My attempt:

If I had a brontosaurus
She would be more gorgeous
Than Monroe or Wonder Woman.
She would wave her long neck
At passersby as we trekked
Off to the Botanical Gardens
For lotus pie and azalea muffins.


Here’s the original:

If I had a brontosaurus
I would name him Horace or Morris.
But if suddenly one day he had
A lot of little brontosauri –
I would change his name
To Laurie.

Wasn’t that fun? Want to do another? Are you smiling?

Okay, here’s the line –

This morning I jumped on my horse


My attempt:

This morning I jumped on my horse
And rode to Colorado through wildfire
And snake grass slithering alive.
It bit at my ankles and followed in esses.
I shot it with my pistol from ten
Thousand paces. We rode up a mountain
And into the clouds where I met a tiny
Tibetan visiting cousins.

The original:

This morning I jumped on my horse
And went out for a ride,
And some wild outlaws chased me
And they shot me in the side.
So I crawled to a wildcat’s cave
To find a place to hide,
But some pirates found me sleeping there,
And soon they had me tied

How’d you do? I hope this made your Monday brighter. Feel free to share your silly humble endings in the comments! We could all use the entertainment!


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