Saturday Storytime – Jackie, Jackie

Writing is a bit like painting for me. I layer one idea over another, a dollop of more detail here, a swirl of emotion there. There’s a lot of re-reading and asking, “why?”. This first draft doesn’t have those layers, so it may feel like an overheard conversation or a brush of bird’s wings. It’s like a sketch with a fully-fleshed smile or hand, but missing the arm or head! You may find yourself wanting more. After all, the first draft is just you telling yourself the story.
Here’s the Table of Contents for those just joining in or if you need a refresher.

Jackie, Jackie

“Jackie. Jackie, love, wake up. You’re drooling on my blue wedges.”

“Whaa…oh, sorry.” She moved to wipe her mouth and cried out with the pain in her bound wrist. She’d forgotten about it.

“Punch told me you were hurt. That looks like it’s going to be a long time healing.” He sat down heavily next to her and picked up a wedge. “Lily’s going to have to wait on the trip, isn’t she?”

“I’m sorry, Ty. It all went wrong.” Her mouth felt stuffed with straw and her head was wobbly. “I’ve shattered my Jewel. There’s no way Marty will take me this way, and you know he’ll make trouble.”

She paused. She didn’t want to ask. She wanted him to offer her a place to stay without her pushing. Otherwise, how would she know it was real? She knew it wasn’t fair to expect him to read her mind, to know her needs, but no one else seemed to care until he’d started paying her attention. It was a strange thing to love being loved, but also to hate it.

“Yeah, he’s an ass. You don’t think your facets would stick up for you? It’s going to be hard for them to find a replacement, isn’t it?”

He wasn’t going to offer. She could see it in the set of his shoulders and the curve of his lip. She stood and tried to find her balance.

“Whoa. You okay? You look a little crooked.” He reached up and held her hand. She worked at not pulling away.

“I’m just still woozy from Punch’s medicine. I’m going to have to owe you. There’s nothing to spare for Punch’s services. I hope you aren’t mad.”

He pulled her back down and curled her into his lap. “Of course, I’m not mad. You didn’t do it on purpose, and you surely couldn’t walk around with a twisted arm.” He kissed her and the warmth of his mouth reminded her why she wanted to travel the world with him.

She did pull away then, although doing it made her heart ache as if she’d fallen four more stories. “I’m going to need to disappear for a bit, Ty. Will you be here when I get back?”

She couldn’t look at him. Did she want him to say yes or no? A part of her hoped he’d drop her hard enough that she’d break, but a louder part needed him to say yes.

“It’s a good gig. I’m not going anywhere unless there’s a better offer.” His smile made his green eyes darken. They did that after lovemaking, too. She couldn’t help but kiss him again.

“When I come back…I’ll have a better offer. I promise.”

He sighed and dusted sand out of the blue wedge. “Somewhere without sand is all I’m asking.”

They both laughed, and Jackie felt a tickle of fear and pride in her belly. He was trusting her with his dreams, and she wasn’t sure what she had done to earn that, but she wasn’t going to let him down.

(See you next week!)

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  1. i’m a little lost in the place of the action. i may need to go back and refresh myself. but the writing is staying super solid.

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