Wednesday’s A Moment…

I love pine cones. Like much of nature, they appear alien and otherworldly.

As I sat in the shade of a dying pine yesterday, I was facing a vibrant one – full of blossoms and green tips, and I realized I didn’t actually know how pine cones are formed.

Did you know that there are seed cones and pollen cones (female/male)?


I am daily astounded by the vast quantity of what I do not know. There are entire specialties of knowledge that brush my hand or make me sneeze or fill my belly at lunchtime. I hear birds I can’t name, swat at bugs with wings like stained glass, and forget to give thanks for sprouting grains and the water cycle.

This Wednesday, as you maneuver over the weekly hump, find a small thing in your field of vision and think about what it would be like to truly know it. If you did this for every leaf, every bug, every blade of grass and bird – you would be like god.

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