Wednesday’s A Moment…

It’s 38 degrees, and people have snow on their cars. Everyone’s wearing boots and coats again. It’s May in Montana. Here are some pictures I took last week when the weather remembered June is on the way…


The geese and cormorants were loud and beautiful when we walked at the reservoir. It will probably be my last walk there of the season because of mosquitoes. The lack of biting bugs is one of my favorite things about living here, but it is a reservoir. As long as they stay here and not at my house, I’m good. I’d like to go kayaking soon, but so far schedules and energy and weather haven’t aligned.


The trail was full of these beautiful and sunny arrow-leafed balsam flowers. I’ve missed the bloom every other year, and I worked hard to manage the walk this year to see it. It’s hard to convey the joy I felt at achieving this goal despite my limitations!


A reminder to stay humble. I need to buy a new canister of bear spray, and I keep forgetting. This was the trail where I saw the coyote or wolf. I’m not sure which it was, but it was gorgeous and frightening. I’d prefer not to see a bear, though, thanks.

Hope this mid-week break gives you the second wind of inspiration to keep going. Friday’s almost here!

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