Saturday Storytime

To recap – I dug out an old manuscript I had started writing in high school. This is the story that is emerging from those notes. I’m open to suggestions and comments. If you check the header menu, you can find a page with all the links in one place if you need them. 


No matter where you live in Medlare, you have sand in your shoes. Jackie wiggled the grains from between her toes. She wore her beaten leather, as soft as a baby’s breath, and just as silent. The light was dying outside, and she relaxed as the shadows filled the room.

The hotel was long abandoned. While most of the lower rooms were full of the pocked and poor, the top floor was empty. Her nimble fingers wrapped tiny tools as she waited for full dark. The tools complete, she stuffed them into her vest. She ran her hand over the stubble on her scalp before she pulled on her knit cap and ran at full speed toward the open window. She could have leapt from the sill to the next roof, but she liked the challenge.


Telemen’s Mansion had been a castle in its former life. Now, it housed all of the Mages from Brackned to Medlare. They slept, studied, and grew from young girls to women inside its stone walls.

Well, most of them slept.

Sharna was wide-awake and restless as usual. Mistress Nora had given her tea to try, but it only made her need to use the bathroom twice as often. Leaving the bathroom for the fourth time, she decided to go scare up a snack. Her favorite was sweet pickles and hard cheese, and she nodded in satisfaction at the thought.

The Mansion had been partitioned decades ago to support the influx of magical talent and youthful exuberance. Her wing consisted of one classroom with adjacent lab, bedrooms, one common room, and the bathroom.

All seven girls shared that bathroom. When they complained, they were told by Mistress Nora that it would build character by teaching them patience and manners. So far she’d been right, although there’d been an incident last summer when Mina had attempted to hurry Daria by spelling the shower. After a week in the infirmary, Daria had mostly recovered from the skin loss.

Sharna passed by the bedrooms and headed down the stairs. The kitchen was on the first-floor along with the dining hall and parlor. The girls were allowed to entertain guests once a month in this most uncomfortable of rooms. It seemed designed to shorten the visits and make the guests grumpy. She stuck up her nose at the parlor’s latched door as she passed.

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