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Nostalgia 101

I’ve grown tired of Saturday Show & Tell. While I might slip one in here and there when I’ve got something cool to say, I’ve decided to try a new project…well, an old one, actually.

Despite having moved multiple times under dreadful circumstances, I have saved my earliest attempts at writing a book. These pages have lasted thirty-one years! That’s impressive, folks.

A friend on twitter recently threw out a list of books she’d like to read. One of them was curiously a lot like the bits of this story. When I told her I could get it out and dust it off, she was enthusiastic.

What if I write this story online? Good grief, could I do that?

I know others do it all the time, but it feels like walking around naked, to be honest. There will be flaws. It will be soggy in spots. What if…? Yes, what if. That’s all it’s about, isn’t it? If it sucks, we’ll laugh together. What’s the worst that happens? Ridicule, loss of followers, and a mob pile of sneering mouths. Okay, that’s terrifying. But! There are those out there who are supportive and won’t sneer at me.

Let’s see what we’ve got:

I had character cards! Granted, some of them are named for friends from high school, but wow!

I did research! I’ve always been such a nerd. You’ve got to love the earnestly single-spaced type, yes? Remember typewriters? How did any book get written in the pre-computer dark ages? Martyrs, every last one of those authors.

and a map! Nice.

Umm…guys. I just realized I LIVE HERE! I mean, sans castle-mansion, but still.

Also, please don’t stalk me.


So. I’ve read a bit of what I wrote, and it’s a tad awful of course, but salvageable. Lots of adverbs and dull descriptions. I will work on getting a semblance of a plan for this and post my first bit soon. True to form, it has no title. I believe this began as a group project – also very Julie. “Hey guys, I have a great idea!”

I’m not going to promise word counts or deadlines or chapters because I’m new to this way of writing, and it feels like I’m volunteering to drive a motorcycle while blindfolded.

Let’s see how I do, and you can play along. If you get plot ideas or things you’d like to see happen in the story – tell me! Leave me a comment and I’ll shoehorn it in!


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