Saturday Show & Tell

I’m grinning from ear to ear and greeting strangers like old friends. The health (no-care) bill has been pulled, and for a bit we can take a deep breath and try to live.

One of the baristas here is getting married to her fiance from Brazil. He got his visa and is getting settled. The sun is shining, and we’ve had temperatures in the low 60’s. The ground is thawing, and I heard a red-winged blackbird’s burr yesterday.

It’s been a day of happy news. Along with those positives, here are a few of the things that caught my eye and inspired me this week. They’re all artists this week! Feel free to share your own links and stories in the comments.

Dorothea Tanning

D Tanning

This surrealist painter did some weird stuff. Need a little inspiration for your fantasy or scifi work? Take a stroll through her gallery and find tones and perspectives to power your imagination!

Patrick Woodruffe


I would like to write a story for every piece of art on this man’s page. Sadly, he’s dead, or I would be begging him to illustrate my novel, Ferals and Blights. He has triptych cabinets! Does anyone else still do these? Anyway, I plan to buy his art books to enjoy the intricate details at leisure and maybe write a bit about what I find.

Gordon Pembridge

In case you’re not feeling goose-bumpy enough from those works of art – let me dazzle you with these handcarved masterpieces. If you click on the link to Bored Panda above, you can see a gallery of these stunning works inspired by nature. The pieces make me think of the Rooters and Morningstars in my book. They live in harmony with nature, and these would be scenes from their lives.

sculpture Pembridge

Hope these glimpses into other people’s work give you the juice you need to keep writing, keep making, keep sharing the love. See you next week!

(if you like what inspires me, you’ll probably like my poetry. Come see.)

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