Wednesday’s A Moment…

I realize it’s Tuesday, but it feels much later in the week, doesn’t it? Plus, today is World Poetry Day! How could I resist posting a bit of creative inspiration?

I found a new game to work the brain and increase the poetry angle of my writing. You take a sentence or phrase, and instead of continuing the narrative – you reflect an internal comparison. It’s tricky! Our brains are wired for linear storytelling, so it almost feels like stretching an unused muscle. Maybe your brain is already good at it…give it a try!

Here are examples of the ones I did this week. I used my Ovid Metamorphoses book to find the starting line. I opened it and randomly picked something. I post Ovid quotes each morning on Twitter, so it was handy.

the monstrous Sphinx leaped headlong from a cliff
her husband left and never came back

The Capitol is spacious; open gates
my heart is fertile ground; dark loam

the ship stands still as if in some dry dock
indecision clings to arms and legs

They all obey: the matrons and the young wives
each robot is programmed for perfect function

As you can see, I got better (not great, but better!) as I went, so don’t give up after the first few. Keep at it!

I’d love for you to share yours in the comments. It’s more fun if we all play along. 🙂

You can get more poetry & word love at my Patreon. $1 gets you inspiration in your mailbox each month & helps me toward the goal of publishing poetry chapbooks!

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