Saturday Show & Tell

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of inspiration each week that lit up my creativity and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

Lisa Gibson


Out of the Blue by Lisa Gibson

I was at the library. Innocuous, flurry of needing to drop off a book and pick up another, when I was accosted by the art work in the hall. It literally stopped me in my tracks, and my mouth dropped open, and I was no longer in a hurry. Gorgeous colors, flowers writ large, still-life that was anything but motionless, but instead tells stories without uttering a word. Take some time to peruse her site. It’s fabulous!


Reema Datta


Truth Love Creation

When we lived in Maryland, we took yoga as a family. This album is created by the daughter of our instructor, and it’s beautiful. The music is layered, soaring, and goose-bump inspiring. The ancient Sanskrit chants are exactly what your brain needs to relax on those tense days and drives. So, turn off the news for a bit and listen. You can find it on Spotify, as well as the link above. She also has a website.

hedgespoken wagon

Hedgespoken Wagon

Today’s featured image comes from an artist who inspired me years ago. She planted a little potent seed deep in my heart, and when I became ill and unable to continue the grind, it opened and blossomed into a space for the dreams of my childhood. To create, to write, to embrace the weird I see in the world & the healing I find there. Rima Staines and her partner, Tom, are living on the edges. They acknowledge with open eyes and hearts the square hole we are hammered into, and reject it. It’s liberating and empowering to see them doing the hard work and making the tough choices with joy on their faces. I can only hope more of us are able to clear a fertile space in our hearts for this bold way of seeing and living.

They are currently traveling the countryside in a mobile puppetry and theater wagon, named Hedgespoken! Seriously. Tom has written a lovely book I’ve featured before. Rima is involved in manifesting another book, Tatterdemalion, in a collaborative project. There’s art, words, puppets, stories, dance, music, and a beauty rarely seen in our daily lives. It’s worth a long visit. Go soak in it. You’ll be surprised at what might sprout!

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