Saturday Show & Tell

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of inspiration each week that lit up my creativity and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

Colorschemer (@colorschemez) on Twitter

I hear you. You don’t use *the* Twitter. Okay, but hear me out. If..I say, IF, you were going to begin on Twitter – this would be a great place to start.


self-propelled cocoa/inhumed very dark blue/censurable dark lime green

Each tweet has three colors & three descriptions. The words alone make it worth it: tergiversatory green, pectinaceous dark red, skewbald wheat. Sometimes the colors are beautiful together and other times, not so much. What a cool way to expand your vocabulary!

Glyn Maxwell’s On Poetry


Slim and slender books are as enticing as thick tomes to me. Slip them in your purse; read them clandestinely. His voice is brilliant, his advice is inspiring without being vague or boring, and he has stuffed the book full of ways to start writing poems. I’m looking forward to collecting all of his teaching books.


International Writing Program MOOC


Free writing classes that come in all shapes and sizes for the busy wannabe to the established teacher. You can take them any way you like, for any reason, at your own pace without anyone emailing you about how often you should be working. There are videos, audio files, or transcripts. This is very handy for those of us with less than stellar internet services. It includes assignments and reading lists. Everything you need to grow as a writer. It would be cool to pitch this as a class you could host at your local library! IWP encourages using their MOOC for personal or professional use.

What sparked your creativity and inspired you this week? I’d love to hear about it.


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