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Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of inspiration each week that lit up my creativity and fired my imagination. Enjoy!


I’m reading Apollodorus and came across this daughter of the Ocean. I never knew she was the one who provided the “potion” to make Cronos regurgitate his children. I also didn’t know she was Athena’s mother. Somehow, in all my reading, I’d missed this crucial point.

Zeus swallows her when she is in the form of a fly and pregnant with his baby because of a prophecy that their son will someday defeat him. Once swallowed, she fashions a helmet and armor for her daughter. Like knitting booties, but more badass.

She personifies cunning intelligence and was Zeus’ first wife. So, I’m in love with Metis. If you know of any books about her, please share in the comments.

High Priestess, Enheduanna

Another amazing woman I somehow missed in my circuits around the sun. Enheduanna wasn’t just a priestess. She was a princess responsible for bringing the entirety of Sumeria under one religion and path. She was also a poet! She is one of the earliest known authors in the world.


I plan to buy Princess, Priestess, Poet by Betty De Shong Meador. (Not the $200 hardback, obviously!)


My copy of Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth by Diane Wolkstein based on translations by Samuel Noah Kramer came yesterday. I started it last night. This book tells the story of Inanna through Enhedunna’s poetry. An excerpt from Inanna receiving her Queenship from Enki:

He gave me the bitter-toothed lion.
He gave me the kindling of fire.
He gave me the putting out of fire.
He gave me the weary arm.
He gave me the assembled family.
He gave me procreation.


This is a tiny section of a longer lapis lazuli beaded strip with the earth’s wonders sewn onto the band. It was worn as the Queen’s crown in 2500 BCE. It’s currently kept at the Philadelphia University Museum.

Big Sky

Lastly, I’m happy to announce that warmer weather has peeked its shy head from the Montana snows like a crocus. I slipped and slid through the snow to get a few pictures of the light show offered by our Big Sky. I’m planning to make postcards from my photos!


©Julie Reeser


©Julie Reeser


©Julie Reeser

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  1. Patrick J. Adkins wrote three novelizations of Greek mythology and Metis is in all three books. The story ends after she and Zeus have met, but before he swallows her—I don’t know if Adkins’ publisher thought the books weren’t selling well enough or if he just never wrote a fourth book. I was so disappointed that he stopped before the story got up to the gods I was the most familiar with!

    Lord of the the Crooked Paths
    Master of the Fearful Depths
    Sons of the Titans

      1. I’ve marked the first of the series as want-to-read on Goodreads! I want to see if I can translate the Greek where it says “potion” in the text. I started tonight, but didn’t get very far. I’m still waaay too new at this!

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