Saturday Show & Tell

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of inspiration each week that lit up my creativity and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

We’ve established I’m a bit of a nerd, yes? That’s good because if you didn’t know before, you will after today’s post.

Wikipedia has lists.

What nerd doesn’t adore a good list? Notice, I say ‘good’ list. Some lists suck. I’m looking at you, chore list.

I spent this week reading through the List of Mythological Objects. You might have guessed all the armor and weapons, but who would’ve known about ships and trains and treasures? What about books and stones and trees? (My favorite things!) Talk about a rabbit hole! This was a warren. You could be lost in there for days.

Association of Writers and Writing Programs


I’m not in DC this week. Are you? Next time there’s an AWP conference, I’m going to overcome my fear of flying and spending money, and go! I want to see the swag. I want pins and games and panels and editors. Zoetic Press is there, representing themselves, but also those of us whose stories are tucked in their books. 2018 it’s in Florida. Now, Florida is one of those states I swore I’d never set foot in, but maybe…just maybe for the love of wonderful writing…I might.

Deathless Adoration

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Chapter 4 in Deathless by Catherynne Valente was my favorite? I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually Chapter 6: The Seduction of Marya Morevna. Here’s a part of why –

“Now the beets, volchitsa. And look at them first, how bloody they are, how crimson, how they leave trails behind them, like wounded things. Sip your vodka, and then bite one of the peppers – see how the vinegar and the vodka mix on your tongue? This is a very marvelous thing. A winter thing, when everything is pickled and preserved under glass. You can taste summer in this mixture, summer boiled down and soaked in brine, mummified, packed with spices to be born again on this table, in this place, in this snow. Now, a spoonful of kasha to smooth your excited palate.” He slipped the silver spoon into her mouth, his thumb grazing her chin. Marya felt as though she had never eaten before, never considered her food at all. She liked this better than Likho’s angular, hard magic. This magic filled her up, made her belly ache with fullness. “As you swallow the cow’s tongue, think for a moment about how strange and holy that is, to devour the tongue of another. To steal from it all its power to speak, to low at the moon, to call to its calf. To be worthy of such food you must guard your own words carefully, speaking only the wise and clever ones, lest your tongue end up likewise, on the plate of a rich man. Of course, rich men have been made obsolete by the Party, but if you learn a second thing from me tonight, let it be this: The goblins of the city may hold committees to divide a single potato, but the strong and the cruel still sit on the hill, and drink vodka, and wear black furs, and slurp borscht by the pail, like blood. Children may wear through their socks marching in righteous parades, but Papa never misses his wine with supper. Therefore, it is better to be strong and cruel than to be fair. At least, one eats better that way. And morality is more dependent on the state of one’s stomach than of one’s nation.”

Catherynne Valente, Deathless


What sparked your creativity this week? I’d love for you to share in the comments!



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