Saturday Show & Tell 12/17/16

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination.

Sometimes, creativity is about expanding your space, your awareness, and allowing a place for movement outside of yourself. Inspiration and openness can come from charity.


Sarah Khan from Free Verse Writing Project

There’s a program in Missoula, MT which teaches Creative Writing to incarcerated youth. You can donate or buy their chapbook here. I am buying the book, and have liked their Facebook page so I can keep updated on other ways to help them keep their program.


Photo credit: Fatima Nanavati

Here’s another example of someone using their creative energy to inform, educate, and inspire. DeLesslin George-Warren is a Catawba Native American performance artist giving history lessons at the Smithsonian’s Portrait Gallery. You can read a fascinating interview here.

You ever have a brilliant idea, and as soon as you put it out into the Universe, it manifests? (It was probably there all along, but hush. It’s a good illusion.) Earlier this year, I suggested to the Universe, that maybe if writers had a place to post work, editors could just sort through parameters with a magic search function (space, ninjas, and penguins) and choose what they like, make an offer, and voila! No more submission headaches. Everybody wins!

Well, now there’s a site like that for illustrators who identify as female.

I have no pictures to share because, well, they are other people’s creative property! But, you can go to the website and browse through, and if you know someone who could use a signal boost or an editor who needs an artist…

I guess that means my vision for writers is possible, too. Make that happen, Universe.

I have to admit that all three things I’ve shared this week came to me via the Submittable newsletter. You can sign up to get inspiring stories and opportunities for creatives here.


Featured image credit: Lamplighter London


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