Saturday Show & Tell 12/10

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

Before I share what’s pushing my creativity this week, I have news.

I wrote the last sentence of my first draft of Ferals & Blights on Thursday! 

There are no plot holes, no sagging middle parts, and not even a deux ex machina. I’m tickled and proud and excited to start editing it to a polish. My cup overfloweth! Thanks to everyone for their support these last seven months. It took a month longer than I’d planned, but I learned a lot that last month about myself and the writing craft. I’m giving myself until February 1st to get it agent-query ready. It feels great.

Okay, to the sparkle and glitter table!


This week my ear was caught by a British Baroque group called Red Priest on Performance Today on NPR. I had a long drive over snow-packed roads, and this sprightly adaptation of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor was perfect. I could imagine a puppeteer giving a show that had an evil hypnotic influence on all who watched. I love it when music makes a film (in this case, animated) in my mind.


Inside the anthology Black Swan, White Raven is a gem of a story by Bruce Glassco. It’s called True Thomas, and it is exquisite. I would like to see an entire series written around this character by this author. Seriously, space insect fairies and a protagonist who can only tell the truth all inspired by a classical ballad? Sign me up.

The truth forms like honey beneath my tongue, but I hesitate. – True Thomas, Bruce Glassco

I did promise in my last post to do a few Best Of 2016 lists. I’d like to share three small presses I think are worth supporting for the next year. I’m not including Zoetic Press, even though they’d be my first choice (they are amazing to work for and publish fabulous stuff), but they are one of my publishers and that feels like a conflict of interest. (You should totally check them out, though.)

  1. FIYAH Literary Magazine – A magazine of Black Speculative Fiction. They are taking 2017 pre-orders. The editors here are working hard to support diverse voices in the SFF community. It’s important work and they are doing it with finesse.
  2. Shimmer Magazine – You can’t get more creative than the stories they publish. They only take the wild things, and not everyone does. It’s good to support the odd.
  3.  Rattle – Okay, not that small. However, they support the small guys and gals who try to make it as poets. My subscription to their journal has been one of the best things in my life in 2016. I feel less alone because of them.

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