Wednesday’s A Moment…

Wednesdays are for taking a moment during the week and counting blessings, or telling funny stories, and anticipating the approaching weekend. I’d love for you to share your Wednesday moment in the comments or attach a link to your blog.

Jingle All The Way

I saw a woman fumble
with the key to the car
while talking on her mobile
and juggling a Big Gulp soda.
She was amiable and chatty,
smiling and happy,
but all I could think was –
It has an unlock button!

This was just a silly poem I wrote while sitting in the cold car waiting for one of the kids to get out of work. I love watching the people with their kids and dogs and coats and bags and snatches of conversations as they roll back and forth like waves on the shore. I like to see the teens laugh, hear toddlers ask questions about the snow, and the grandmas hobble to and fro.

Are you a people-watcher? Feel free to share an observation or story or link in the comments!

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