Make the Change: A Victory!

The Army Corps of Engineers has decided to deny the easement for the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. –NPR, Eyder Peralta

Look what we did! Look. Give thanks. Cry a little. Scream and laugh because Justice won.

Thank you to the Native Americans, who by standing firm and resolute, have made this possible. Their voices have once again shown us the importance of respecting the earth, the water, and common sense. Without them, this would never have happened.

waterislifecredit: @vashondogboy

This is a picture of some of the men and women who answered the call once more for the defense of country, foreign and domestic. These veterans showed up to help with the hard work. Thank you!

veteransphoto source: @JackHealyNYT

and thank you to the many who donated to help them get there and for the donations to Standing Rock!

The Army Corps of Engineers is going to issue an Environmental Impact Statement with full public input and analysis (1).

That means the work is not done.

We will have to give them our opinions, knowledge, values, and suggestions to keep this pipeline from endangering anyone’s water supply. When I have more information on this, I’ll share it here.

(featured image credit: @stearnsseattle)

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