Saturday Show & Tell 12/3/16

December is one of my favorite months, but probably not for the reason you think.

I’m not a big holiday/tradition person, so I’m a bit baffled by Christmas carols, gift wrap, and the whole lot of it. I do, however, LOVE end-of-the-year lists and goals, so the next three Saturdays will be all about those. I’m especially excited to do my 2016 Best of Books List!


For me, December is a time of entering hibernation to begin the metamorphosis that leads to green leaves and fragrant flowers.

My goals in 2016 were bigger than the year before, because why not? I wanted to write a book. I’ve done this before, but it was a floppy, unstructured behemoth of historical fiction by someone who had no idea what they were doing (me). I wanted to grow as a writer & learn more about writing, not just dabble at it. So I did.

I wanted to read more. I wanted to learn how to write better poetry. I wanted to build a community of writers and creatives in my life. So I did. And it has been lovely.

Thank you to everyone who responded to a tweet, a comment, a question, an idea, or an observation with your own experiences, advice, support, and jokes. You are all an inspiration to keep going, to keep growing & creating & sharing into 2017. You have made me a better, brighter, kinder, and happier person. Thank you.


As a way to continue that growth and community, I launched a Patreon this week. For a dollar, I will mail you or a loved one a handwritten original poem on a postcard once a month. I want this to be something small and lovely like a violet. A flower pressed between the pages of your mail. A breath of spring whispered in your ear. Birdsong on your windowsill. You get the idea…

Thank you again, and feel free to leave me a comment about your favorite part of December and what inspires you for the coming year!


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