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Do you have Goals? November Edition

What happened?

It was Halloween, and I was eating candy. I blinked, and suddenly it was Thanksgiving.

This month was a bust. Between the grief of the election results, the horror of the political appointments, the puppy being sick, and the new schedule with both kids working – I did very little.

Rejections – 2
Withdrawal after query – 2
Submissions – 2

My manuscript word count is 50,610. I rewrote a scene three times, but that’s because I’m trying to line up those puzzle pieces in the most interesting way I can. At this point, I’ve figured out how my antagonist gets the rescue team to the amphitheater. I’ve figured out how Majidah transforms on the Sky Tree. I still have a lot of work to do, though. I need to rewrite the scene with Mother and the Golem waking. I need to go back and brighten Gilda’s story. She has somehow gotten lost in the mechanics of everyone moving around to get where they need to be for the final battle.

I wrote a bit of poetry. I read a lot of poetry. Poetry is perfect for grief, I’m finding.

My mile count is rotten. The dog was too sick to walk, and I’m not going alone. Next month will be better, I promise. If it isn’t, you have my permission to kick my pants in the comments section.

So…since I’m doing so fabulously well with my goals (haha), I want to do a different project for 2017. I want to write poetry postcards. I want to send them out once a month to people who sign up. I’m not sure on how this will work yet, but I know I want them to be original poems I write. I was thinking of maybe a Patreon page to help defray costs? I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, so hit up the comments!

A quick thank you to this blog hops hosts, Misha Gericke and Beth Fred, for keeping me honest and forward-looking!

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