A Moment… 11/9/16

Today’s Moment isn’t an escapist break. It isn’t a breath of relief. It’s the breath you take before rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

I spent this morning crying. Repeatedly. I’d think I’d sobbed it out, and then I’d remember the Supreme Court or see my daughter’s shocked face or read about the EPA being gutted or the KKK members walking openly, brazenly in the daylight, and it would start again.

To all of my PoC, LGBTQA+, women, and disabled friends (and strangers) please know you are loved. You are valuable. You deserve better than the shitstorm we are about to experience. I will stand with you. I will fight for you. I will be loud and busy for you.

To those who worked tirelessly and selflessly to get Hillary the popular vote, thank you.

I wish I had answers or profound words or anything to offer beyond my own small self, but while it feels small and helpless, it is yours for whatever need you have.

To my writer and artist friends. This is it. If you’ve been wondering what the point of it all might be…this is it. You are the voice. Be heard. Be bold. Say it for those who can’t.

Love to you all.

The dialogue starts with you. This is a safe space to vent or share.



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