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October: Do you have goals?

I’m on time this month! That counts as a goal met, right? Here’s the summary of the rest.

100 rejections to teach me to keep my head in the game, and not take it so personally:

I will add that my Q4 novelette was rejected by Writers of the Future, and I spent the rest of that day crying and miserable. Clearly, I need to keep getting rejected since I still see it as less of a necessary aspect of writing and more of a comment on my abilities and worth.

I did get right back in the game the next day. One day of wallowing is plenty.

Also, my submissions are slowing down as I concentrate on the big goal of finishing Ferals & Blights.

Ferals & Blights progress:

I can’t figure out how many chapters were edited, because I added two subplots and moved some chapters around and generally did a bit of organizing and outlining. I rewrote a chapter from a different character’s POV. I do know that I have beautiful notecards in Scrivener outlining the three main characters’ plots and arcs. That feels like a win.

I also met a lot of lovely new writing friends on the Twitter #storydam chat this month to add to the pretty cool ones I knew from before. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo next month because I have a book in progress already. I am going to be doing a daily check-in with some of these new people with the hashtag #NaNoRebels for editing progress rather than word count.

If you’re interested in getting a daily check-in and support, just drop me a line in the comments!

I have a story submitted for critique on It’s a Lovecraftian short story I wrote two years ago that I’m trying to get publish ready. I have a market for it, if the critiques make it sounds like I’m not a hack.

I did 2/4 critiques this month to keep my membership active, and to help me be a better writer. I also am spending a lot of time this month learning more about the theories of poetry. I’d like to do better in that area of my writing because it brings me joy and generally makes me feel good.

For my health goals, I think last month’s attempt at 70 miles was wishful (and silly) thinking. More butt in chair days clearly means less miles on the trails.

I actually walked LESS. What is that about? I thought for sure I did better this month. Okay. Next time, right?

November Goals

  1. Butt in chair days – 20/30
  2. 1k days – 15/30 (This one is critical. I have 5 chapters unfinished. I have an ultimate goal of finished word count by Dec 31st, and for the manuscript to be pro edit ready by Feb 1st.)
  3. Miles- 50

Thank you to Misha Gericke and Beth Fred for keeping me on my toes and in the chair with the Big Dreams Blogfest. If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is have  goal and sign up!

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