Saturday Show & Tell 10/21/16

Saturday Show and Tell – a showcase of things each week that lit up my brain and fired my imagination. Enjoy!

choContemporary Haibun Online

I spent some time this week learning new poetry forms. I knew about haiku, but I went a little deeper to more fully understand the wabi-sabi philosophy underlying the form.

I learned about tanka and sedoka, but also about haibun. The idea of haibun is incredibly appealing to someone who likes to tell stories, but also enjoys the challenge of a poem.

I haven’t written any of my own yet. It is more intimidating to me than a simple format of nature observed/experienced in numbered syllables. I did submit a haiku to a journal this week, and I hope to write my own haibun in the future. Until then, I highly recommend the above online magazine for your reading pleasure!

Jennifer Jean

Along the theme of poetry, I want to share with you a poet doing something lovely with her time, talent, and energy. Jennifer Jean was interviewed in the latest issue of Rattle (which I discussed briefly here and review here), and she spoke of her work with the survivors of trauma from human-trafficking.

She teaches poetry workshops to these survivors and encourages others to expand her work in their own lives and towns through the facilitator resources coming soon on her website.

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