A Moment… 10/12/16

Wednesdays are for taking a moment during the week and counting blessings, or telling funny stories, and anticipating the approaching weekend. I’d love for you to share your Wednesday moment in the comments or attach a link to your blog.

I realize last week’s A Moment was also about the excitement of having something new to read. Forgive me for possibly being repetitious, but I love good reading and am grateful for our access with the internet and small press publishing to have so many choices!


The first is my subscription to Rattle Poetry Magazine. I learned about Rattle while reading the Pushcart Prize anthologies. They have a keen eye for brilliant work. The forms are all different – long paragraphs side by side with couplets, facing a page of haiku, and so on. The work is all fresh and present, which isn’t something I get to read much in the poetry I’ve been studying.

For the poet who might be reading this post, they have a variety of ways you can contribute. My favorite is the Poets Respond which asks you to write a poem which responds to this week’s news. They also have an Ekphrastic Challenge for those who like a visual prompt.


The second is the winner of the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Poetry Prize from Zeina Hashem Beck. I’ve only had a moment (see what I did there?) to browse through it, but what I’ve seen feels like a spiral or waveform of words giving the impression of being on a boat or sitting by the sea. I’ll talk more about it when I review it on Goodreads.

The dialogue begins with you. What are you reading this week?


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