Write Like You’re Alive 2016!

Back in the month of July, I participated in a challenge from Zoetic Press to write every day. Sit in the chair, ignore the sunshine and bees and the water calling my name, and put fingers to keys.

The goal was to submit a minimum of 20 pieces of  work worthy of publication.



I started out using Ray Bradbury’s advice on nouns. I wrote a list of five nouns and started a story with each. One of those noun stories started out about a watch and ended up being a story about corporate strategies for keeping us productive with a little help from aliens. That story is the one Zoetic Press accepted for their anthology. By the end of the month, I no longer needed a nouns list. My muse would show up, ready to work without prompts.

I wrote a bit of poetry, a story about superheroes and prison populations, and the first draft of my 4th quarter entry for WOTF which ended up topping 10k words, and much more! The entire experience of getting my butt in the chair and not being distracted until I had written something worthy of submission was a turning point for me.

I’m no longer afraid of the blank page.

Now, you can get the anthology for free, and read the pieces chosen from the hundreds of files uploaded in July by the sixty-three authors who completed the challenge…including mine. Just stop by the Zoetic Press shop, and as always, thank you for supporting my work!

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